About the Author

Solly Ganor

Solly Ganor, a Holocaust survivor, lives in Herzelia Pituach, Israel.

Mr. Ganor kept a diary while in the Kovno ghetto, promising his friends that if he should survive the Holocaust, he would tell the world what happened. For 50 years, he shied away from the subject until a historian came to Jerusalem with the person who saved his life at the end of the World War Two. He was a Japanese American soldier by the name of Clarence Matsomura of the 522 artillery battalion. This emotional reunion resulted in the publication of his diary, "Light One Candle."

Mr. Ganor's diary has been recommended by Eli Wiesel and is taught in high schools in Germany and Japan. He has fulfilled his promise to his perished friends, finally lighting one candle for them.

Purim in Dachau

Suddenly we noticed Chaim standing in the snow and shouting, "Haman to the gallows! And we all know which Haman we are talking about!"

My True Hero

Yes, Colonel Ramon, Israel's first astronaut to enter outer space, is a hero. For me there is another hero: his mother, a survivor of Auschwitz.

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