About the Author

Mayaan Jaffe-Hoffman

Mayaan Jaffe made aliyah from Leawood, Kan. three years ago. She is an Israel Hasbara Committee feature reporter and researcher and a latest news reporter for Arutz Sheva. Jaffe writes articles and press releases for publications across the country and abroad from her caravan in Gush Etzion.

Defiant in Jerusalem

Before Jerusalem’s reunification, there were defiant carvings on a prison wall.

Mom to 150

Meet Rose Marchik, a Jewish foster mother who has cared for over 150 children.

Determined to Live

How the Jewish people came together to save a special woman.

Jerusalem's Supermen

Two unknown heroes tackle the poverty in Israel.

The Chicken Lady

Meet Chaya Hammer, the 93-year-old great-great-grandmother whose kindness campaign is feeding hundreds of poor families in Israel.

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