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Aliza Bulow

Aliza Bulow has been a Jewish Educator for over twenty five years teaching practical Jewish philosophy, basic Judaism and textual learning skills to adults. She was educated both in Israel and America, served in the IDF, and is now the national coordinator of Ner LeElef’s North American Woman’s Program and the Senior Educator for The Jewish Experience in Denver, Colorado. Aliza teaches both locally and nationally, mentors women who work in Jewish Adult Education and Outreach, and provides consulting for Jewish Outreach organizations across the country. Her husband and eclectic brood of young-adult children, children-in-law, grandchildren and “adopted” children offer her insights, support and opportunities to continue learning, growing and sharing.

Find more articles and recordings of dozens of Aliza's classes at ABiteOfTorah.com

Four Spiritual Coping Strategies

Learning how to face life’s difficult challenges.

Doni’s Life and Loss

Reflections on raising and burying my 19-year-old son with bi-polar disorder.

Welling Up

Reflections on burying our 2-week-old granddaughter.

Am I for Real?

There was a little voice of doubt that worried me. What if I was a fake?

Connecting Through Fasting

How can being hungry help us create a spiritual connection?

Seeking the Sacred Feminine

The Da Vinci Code gets Judaism's view of the Sacred Feminine all wrong.

Ruth and Reincarnation

The mystery of shoes and the transmigration of spiritual energies.

Why Round Challah?

Some surprising spiritual insights from the Rosh Hashanah challah.

When Chocolate Isn't Enough

There were times I needed more than eating chocolate to get me through the some of the more difficult moments in raising kids. But then I got in touch with my inner chocolate.

Kindness in Kansas

What would you do if suddenly left stranded with a few grandchildren in the middle of nowhere? Look for Irv's Kosher Market.

Harry's Magic

A true story about what one Jewish kid learned from the teenage wizard.

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