About the Author

Leah Abramowitz

Leah Abramowitz is a medical social worker, free lance writer, and a coordinator for Melabev, an organization for the elderly. She has been privileged to live in the Old City of Jerusalem for the past 30 years with her family.

The Eichmann Trial: 50 Years Later

A prosecutor and key witness reflect back on the event that transformed Israel.

You First

Reckoning with forces that split a family apart.

The Transplanted Torah Scroll

A Torah scroll's amazing journey from Germany to Israel.

The Rose that Never Blossomed

A recently published Holocaust diary that wavers between hope and despair.

The Protected Rabbi

Why the Nazi's paid a life-long pension to a chassidic rabbi, and provided stormtroopers to safeguard his yeshiva.

Two are Better than One

They had been married 62 years and there were no children. Every day she sat by his side, willing him to get better and come home.

Caught in the Middle

Pulled between responsibilities towards one's children and one's aging parents, "the sandwich generation" have their own unique dilemmas.

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