About the Author

Andrea Levin

Andrea Levin is Executive Director of CAMERA, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.

An Open Letter to Jimmy Carter

CAMERA urges Carter to join his words with concrete actions.

Responding to Bias: Fight or Flight?

Denigration and defamation are likely to nullify any positive images of Jewish generosity, creativity and good works if the epithets and misinformation are left unchallenged.

New Yorker Manipulations

Jeffrey Goldberg's recent piece about Israeli settlers so distorted and sloppy with facts as to raise questions about his other writing.

The James Carroll Paradox

Why has this thoughtful writer missed or distorted vital information about the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Off the Fence

Bob Simon's 60 Minutes segment on the fence Israel is building to thwart terrorists was manipulative and shaky on key factual assertions.

Pandering to Genocide

A vulnerable Jewish professor publicly advocates the dismantling of Israel as a sovereign Jewish nation.

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