About the Author

Irwin Cotler

The writer is professor of law (on leave) at McGill University and Opposition Critic for Human Rights. He has written extensively on the Middle East.

Durban & 9/11: 10 Years Later

If 9/11 was the Kristallnacht of terror, Durban was the Mein Kampf.

Remembering the Holocaust: 6 Key Lessons

Indifference in the face of evil is complicity with evil.

The Fog of War

Root causes and resolution to the war in Gaza.

Meltdown in Darfur

What happened to 'Never Again'?

Ahmadinejad and International Law

Three important lessons from the Theater of the Absurd.

Identifying the New Anti-Semitism

Israel and the Jewish people have been singled out for discriminatory treatment in the international arena -- and worst of all -- singled out for destruction.

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