About the Author

Larry Domnitch

Larry Domnitch is the author of 'The Cantonists: The Jewish Children's Army of the Czar', recently released by Devora Publishing.

Queen Shlomtzion: In the Spirit of the Maccabees

Another instance in Jewish history when a woman saves the day.

Destruction on the Tenth of Av

After Tisha B'Av, the burning of the Temple continued for another day. Its effects continue to be felt throughout Jewish history.

Magic of Shavuot 1967

200,000 Jews converged on the Western Wall that day.

How Nachmanides Rebuilt Jerusalem

Forced to flee from Spain at age 72, the great sage restored Jerusalem's ruins.

The Cantonist Saga

A horrific era when Jewish boys were forced into 25 years of Russian military service.

A Cantonist's Prayer on Yom Kippur

On that Yom Kippur the community wept, as they confronted the plight of Jewish children forced to serve in the Russian army.

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