About the Author

Chana Weisberg

Chana Weisberg is the author of four books, the latest, Divine Whispers -- Stories that Speak to the Heart and Soul . Weisberg lectures on issues relating to women, faith, relationships and the Jewish soul and has currently scheduled a worldwide book tour to promote her new books. To book a talk for your community, for information on her books or speaking schedule, please contact: weisberg@sympatico.ca

Face to Face

We can deeply connect to others by looking into their heart and soul, with the courage and openness to discover whatever is there.

That Extra Moment

The profound impact of a few sincere words.

My Father and the Priest

A Jew is never completely lost from his people. A true unbelievable story.


What should have been a joyous time of pregnancy became instead a time of terrible worry and fear, largely because I allowed it to be.

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