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Sara Debbie Gutfreund

Sara Debbie Gutfreund received her BA in English from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Family Therapy from the University of North Texas. She has taught parenting classes and self-development seminars and provided adolescent counseling. She writes extensively for many online publications and in published anthologies of Jewish women's writing. She and her husband spent 14 wonderful years raising their five children in Israel, and now live in Blue Ridge Estates in Waterbury, Connecticut, where Sara Debbie enjoys skiing and running in her free time.

Paul Reichmann: Millions of Lights

One of the greatest philanthropists of the century passes away.

Going the Extra Degree

Four lessons from the heart by Michael Landsberry, the heroic math teacher who was killed protecting his students in Nevada.

Secrets to Happy Families

Three proven tips to strengthening your family.

Facing Pain

Don’t let your comfort zone make your life small.

How Rebbetzin Heller Changed My Life

In memory of Rabbi Dovid Heller, of blessed memory.

Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy

Real pleasure and self-esteem come through genuine challenge.

A Sukkah Made of Snow

Stranded on a mountain, under the stars, I felt fear and God’s protective love.

9/11 in Jerusalem

Crossing the red lines of the heart.

Answering Rosh Hashanah's Call

The shofar’s cry is God calling out my name, looking for me.

The Heroism of Antoinette Tuff

A lesson in speaking from the heart.

I Have a Dream

Where is our dream today?

Al Qaeda Threat & Elul

When danger is everywhere, listen to the siren of the shofar.

Train Crash in Spain

Sometimes our reckless behavior causes life to go off the rails.

Mazel Tov, William and Kate

The royal baby, the future King of England, sure has a lot to live up to. Don't we all?

Terrorist on Rolling Stone Cover

Where is our human decency and compassion?

Tisha B'Av & the Asiana Plane Crash

Sometimes we are blinded by the light.

Paula Deen’s Words

We all make mistakes. It’s our unwillingness to take responsibility for them that ultimately harms us.

Filling the Crevices of the Wall

In the darkness of destruction, we’re reminded of the opportunity to rebuild.

Forever Dad

Even though my parents divorced, my father always played a crucial role in my life.

Discrimination against Fat People

Our society unfairly favors the thin.

NY’s Israeli Day Parade

We gather for one unifying reason: We love Israel.

Oklahoma Tornado

When there are no words, there are tears.

After the Crash

Sometimes life can change in an instant.

Boston Lockdown

Terrorists can’t take away our essential freedom.

Responding to Terror

Four ways to react to the horrific bombings in Boston.

Ride the Crave

Urge surfing and the count to greatness.

Barricades of Prayer

My summer with Israeli soldiers confronted my fear of living.

A Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Her proudest moment was saving an Austrian Jew.

Passover & the Power of Love

After the tragic death of my rabbi and Rebbetzin, my Passover memories are awash with saltwater tears.

From Homeless to Harvard

Passover is the time to tell your story.

Revisiting Betty Friedan

Breaking free of feminism's constraints.

Dream Footprints

Five famous dreamers and the lessons we can learn from them.

Every Inch Counts

Sometimes one inch can lead to a mile. Purim shows us how.

The Happiness Challenge

Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs in Iraq. He has a lot to teach us about living with joy.

Why I'm Raising My Children With God

The most precious gift I can give my children.

Four Amazing Trees

Spiritual lessons from trees, for Tu B’Shvat.

Three Apps for the New Year

Three ways to deepen your resolutions.

Learning from My Parents' Divorce

Sometimes brokenness makes you stronger.

The Connecticut School Shooting

Asking why in the aftermath of tragedy.

When Christmas and Hanukkah Crashed

For the first time in my life, I was the only Jew in the group.

Times Square Kindness

A police officer’s private act of kindness becomes a web sensation.

Five Ways to Be Grateful

How to unlock the door to gratitude.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Principles for building a strong marriage.

The Nanny Nightmare

Three essential lessons.

Voting for Mom

The campaign advisor warned my mother: “You can’t win unless you campaign on Saturday.”

The Fury of Frankenstorm

Five ways to bring awe into your life.

Obama's Look Alike

It’s not only the inside that counts.

Felix Baumgartner’s Amazing Feat

Lessons from breaking the speed of sound.

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