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Sara Debbie Gutfreund

Sara Debbie Gutfreund received her BA in English from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Family Therapy from the University of North Texas. She has taught parenting classes and self-development seminars and provided adolescent counseling. She writes extensively for many online publications and in published anthologies of Jewish women's writing. She and her husband spent 14 wonderful years raising their five children in Israel, and now live in Blue Ridge Estates in Waterbury, Connecticut, where Sara Debbie enjoys skiing and running in her free time.


Don't rush to plan tomorrow. Make it count, today.

Bat Mitzvah Gifts for My Daughter

Spanning three generations, I want to give you some very special gifts that are close to my heart.

If Only

On Tisha B'Av I can feel the weight of thousands of years of “if onlys.”


I've lost my connection to the past, and no matter how much time passes, there is a crevice in my heart.

My Lost iPod Cable

In Egypt, the Jewish people were hanging on by a tiny thread. So was I.

It All Counts

I thought I was a giving person. Then I got married and had kids.

One Pure Thing

Bringing the hidden light of Chanukah into our lives.

Gimme Shelter

We are all homeless until we use the tools we've got to build shelters for our souls.

Living with Our Souls

I can hear the echo of Rav Noach's words: You need to learn. You need to teach. You need to live with what you know.

Where Are You?

On Passover God is anxiously waiting for His children to come home.

Date with Myself

A busy mother goes on a solo vacation and finds answers to some tough questions.

The Three Hardest Words

Without admitting that we need each other, it is almost impossible to give and receive love.

Where Are You?

On Passover God is anxiously waiting for His children to come home.

Treasuring the Details

Love means paying attention to the details.


Why do we focus on the spaces in our lives instead of the abundance?

My Mother the Judge

Watching Judge Lefkowitz balance the needs of four generations and a seat on the New York State Supreme Court was impressive, especially to her daughter.

Einstein's Regret

Despite time and space being relative, our ability to try is a constant.

What Else Is There?

Do I try to find the hidden meaning in my life at this moment or pretend that I'm free to give up?

Seeing the Stars

Holidays are not about escaping reality. They are about finding the inner beauty of our lives.

Warsaw Ghetto Furniture

How can we yearn to return to a place that we don't remember?


Climbing out of time's narrow grip by loving whatever you are doing.

Saying Goodbye

Racing across the ocean to my dying grandma's bedside, I cannot bear to let her go.

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