About the Author

Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein is the author of ON BUS DRIVERS, DREIDELS AND ORANGE JUICE (Feldheim), HAPPY HINTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL ALIYAH (Feldheim) and A CHILDRENS’ TREASURY OF SEPHARDIC TALES (Artscroll), Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein writes for many publications in Israel. England, and the U.S.A. and has edited various books including SALT, PEPPER AND ETERNITY and TO DWELL IN THE PALACE (Feldheim), an anthology on life in Israel.

Without a Mother

Because of my father's devoted love, I barely realized that I was missing a mother.

Only In Israel_

A small glimpse of the special daily life we merit to live in the Holy Land.

Jerusalem, My Home

How absolutely fortunate that I am living here, in this Holy, wholly unbelievable country.

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