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Bassi Gruen

Bassi Gruen is a licensed social worker, a professional writer, and the editorial director of Targum Press. She''s published hundreds of articles in numerous Jewish publications. Bassi is the author of "A Mother's Musings", a collection of stories about the challenges and joys, the fears and the hopes of motherhood. She lives with her husband, her children, and her dreams in Beitar Illit.


It's mundane. It's magical. It's motherhood.

Rebuilding after Destruction

How one man reacted when his only son was murdered.

Nothing's been the Same

Life sure has changed, my little one, ever since you've joined the family.

Black Friday in Wal-mart

They came to shop and ended up killing.

Oblivious to the Music

Would you notice one of the world's greatest violinists playing in the midst of rush hour?

Hide and Seek

Suddenly, my son and I were once again embroiled in a power struggle.

What Empty Nests are Filled With

On that Friday night, I got a vision of how I want my nest to look when it is no longer filled with little ones.

Among the Blessed

Must we first be denied a gift in order to feel gratitude upon receiving it?

Daddy, Don't Leave Us

When was the last time we begged our Father to bring us back home?

Uncork the Love

It's easy to love when there's no anger, no defiance, no impatience. But what happens when they start growing up?

My Mother's Cough

Every time I hear it, my heart lifts. My mother is near and I am safe.

A Kiss from Above

Don't wait for a near miss with a bus to realize that God is guiding your every step.

Of Fares and Fairness

What you see is often not what you get.

Eleven Fingers

It's not about give and take; it's about give and give.

The Stolen Hour

They were stealing the only hour in the entire week that was mine.

Rebuilding after Destruction

How one man reacted when his only son was murdered.

Stranger on the Hospital Stairs

As the Jewish nation defends its very existence, grief and pain surround us. It all stems from one source.

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