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Gideon Silverstone

Gideon Silverstone lives and works somewhere in North America.

Hunters: Should Killing Nazis be Entertaining?

The controversial Amazon series means well but misses the mark.

Buzz Off

Sukkot is coming and you know what that means – bee season!

The Hurt Locker

Do we have to risk our lives to feel alive?


Surprisingly, James Cameron’s new blockbuster taught me a lot about myself.

This Is It?

Michael Jackson’s farewell movie is a hit, but it also provokes some difficult questions.

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino's new movie made me wonder what Jewish "vengeance" should look like.

You're Really Fired!

Be careful what you wish for...

Sorry, Danny

After 20 years of story telling, the realization hits that it was at someone else's expense.

You're Not Hired

Getting the Divine kick in the pants.

You're Fired!

My job requires me to carry out tasks that a malnourished orangutan could perform. No wonder I dream of being fired.

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