About the Author

Rabbi Ephraim Nisenbaum

Rabbi Ephraim Nisenbaum is the founder and director of the Jewish Learning Connection, an adult outreach organization in Cleveland, OH. He has authored The Narrative of Faith Haggadah (Feldheim), Powerlines: Insights and Reflections on the Jewish Holidays, and 49 Steps to Greatness, published by Targum Press.

Why Dreidel?

On Hanukkah we recognize the miracle of nature.

View from the Trees

In a rut? Don’t despair, Tu B'Shvat is here.

The Wedding Season

Renewing your nuptial vows this Shavuot.

The GPS and Yom Kippur

Lost? Relax. Here's the way to get back on route.

Grandma's Lesson for Life

A hard-earned lesson about the purpose of life comes suddenly full circle.

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