About the Author

Rabbi Nachman Zakon

Rabbi Nachman Zakon is a noted Jewish educator, historian, and author living in Jerusalem, Israel. His books include 2,000 Years: The Jewish Experience, published by ArtScroll/Mesorah.

King David & Jewish Leadership

Four essential traits to being a leader.

At the Crossroads

With gratitude to the young men who fought for our freedom.

Hanukkah’s 4-Point Battle Plan

The Maccabees’ eternal lessons for preserving Jewish continuity and pride.

The Power to Change

Defying spiritual gravity – the force of habit, mental inertia, toxic negative thinking.

Formula for Jewish Survival

Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai’s strange request reveals the essence of the Jewish people.

Father’s Day: A Talmudic Tale

Is honoring parents even more important than money?

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