About the Author

Yitta Halberstam

Yitta Halberstam is the co-author of the 8-volume bestselling series "Small Miracles" There are two million copies in print, with translations in 15 languages. A former adjunct lecturer in holocaust literature at Baruch College, she currently serves as feature editor of AMI Magazine.

I've Inherited My Father's Nightmares

In my wildest imaginings, I never believed that I would march against antisemitism in the United States.

Fighting Anti-Semitism One Reader at a Time

Sometimes God sends you your next writing assignment.

Elie Wiesel and the Radicalization of a Hassidic Girl

Elie Wiesel took me to Auschwitz and in a certain way, I never came back.

My Mother's Legacy

Misinterpreting our relationship, I missed my mother's greatest gift of all.

Light in All the Dark Places

The extraordinary metamorphosis of Hitler's nephew's grandson.

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