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Mark Miller has held positions as a nationally syndicated humor columnist for the Los Angeles Times, an interviewer and humor blogger for The Huffington Post (along with a wealth of other publications), a TV sitcom staff writer/producer, a stand-up comic in nightclubs and on TV, and a writer for comedians such as Jay Leno, Dana Carvey, Roseanne Barr, Rodney Dangerfield, and Jim Carrey. His first book, a collection of his humor essays on dating and romance, is 500 Dates: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Online Dating Wars. But he says he’d trade all his success away in a minute for immortality, inner peace and limitless wealth. Follow his website/blog at: http://www.markmillerhumorist.com/. Reach him at: mark.writer@gmail.com

Overlooked Jewish Olympians

Celebrating Jewish Olympians who stole our hearts, and those who didn’t.

Famous Jews’ Last Words: Revealed for First Time!

Just before his passing, Harry Houdini apparently said, “Now you see me; now you don’t!”

America’s 10 Least Influential Jews

You’re more important than all of them combined.

Remembering Garry Shandling

Jewish comedian Gary Shandling leaves behind a legacy of laughter.

Presidential Candidates & the Jews: Latke Fest 2016

Presidential candidates reach out to Jewish voters. And then they have a nosh.

Top Predicted Jewish News Events of 2016

President Bernie Sanders declares 4 day work week because, “The Nation needs to get ready for Shabbos.”

Top Jewish News Stories from 2015

We Jews like to look back and reflect. So reflect a little with me, won’t you?!

Thanksgiving Exclusive: A Jewish Turkey Pleads for Its Life

“What, you think there can only be Jewish humans?”

Meet Apple’s Jewish Siri, Shira

Apple is making an aggressive play for the Jewish cell phone market. Goodbye Siri, hello Shira.

The Historical Jewish Connection to Hillary Clinton’s Email Fiasco

Hillary isn’t the only one who has had problems with email. Check out these Jews who wish they’d destroyed their email servers.

10 Tips for Jewish Families to Get Along on Their Summer Vacations

Going on a family vacation this summer? If you want your children to still love you when you return, read this.

It’s All Jew You Know

Famous historical figures’ relationships with the Jews.

Chinese Decide to Eat Jewish Food on Their Holidays

After all of these years of Jews eating Chinese, Chinese decide to return the favor.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Replace Jon Stewart as the New Host of The Daily Show

Jon Stewart has won 19 Emmy Awards. I am ready to win 19 Emmy Awards, given the chance.

Judaic Hall of Marketing Shame

Least-successful Jewish celebrity-branded products like Paul Simon’s “I am a Sock.”

Most Embarrassing Jewish Stories that Went Viral

Did you hear about the kosher deli owner who was thinking about becoming a vegan? Let’s just say it wasn’t great for business.

Blame It On the Jews

Anti-Jewish Media Bias Through the Ages including: Egyptian Pharoh claims 10 plagues completely disproportionate response to slavery.

Jewish Trivia Review

Cleanse your intellectual palate with a little Jewish trivia along with my attempt at humor.

These Jews Rock

Where would rock and roll be without these Jews?

Jewish Solutions to Global Warming

Is it hot in here or is it just me shvitzing?

Outtakes from "The Story of the Jews"

Lesser known historical events that didn’t make Simon Schama's recent PBS 5-part series.

The Land of Microprocessors and High Tech

Even if you don’t visit the Promised Land, the Promised Land’s technology is coming to you.

If Jews Controlled the Internet

An anti-Israel group is advancing a conspiracy theory that Jews control the Internet. If true, the Internet would look something like this…

Jewish Celebrity Secrets Uncovered by the NSA

Barbra Streisand is working on a top secret follow up to “Yentl,” in which Yentl becomes a militant vegan. It’s called “Lentil.”

The 2014 Jewlarious Calendar

See which notable Jews make the 2014 Jewlarious calendar.

The Detroit Mensches

The Chosen People’s latest miracle: Detroit Tigers name their first Jewish manager.

The Scent of Pew

The new Pew study of American Jews is out. And Mark Miller has something to say about it.

The Obama/Putin Transcript

Obama and Putin sit down to discuss Syria, Israel, and Macadamia Mango Mahi-Mahi.

NSA Oy Vey

Most embarrassing Jewish phone and email records gathered by the NSA.

Edward Snowden and my Bubbie Yetta

Why the best asylum offer for Edward Snowden is the one from my Bubbie Yetta.

Keeping it Kosher

Food and beverage companies are scrambling to go kosher to capture the lucrative kosher market.

Inconceivable Incentives

Least-popular incentives offered to attract new members to Jewish communities.

Jew in a Box

The least popular Jewish performance art pieces of all time.

Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

Five celebrities you may not have known were Jewish.

My Challenge to Israeli Scientists

Sure Israeli scientists have invented some amazing technologies, but how much better off would we be with these?

The Top 8 Jewish News Stories in 2012

As a public service, I’ve researched and selected the top Jewish stories of 2012 so you won’t have to. You’re welcome.

Jewish James Bond

The name is Bondstein. Shlomo Bondstein.

The Jewish Vote

How the Presidential candidates could win the Jewish vote.

Yom Kippur: Celebrity Edition

Yes, even famous people must atone.

Go for the Gold(berg)!

How to improve the Olympics by making them more Jewish.

And the Oscar Goes to?

The most intriguing rejectees from the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

Obama Woos the Jews

President Obama’s top-secret, 10-step plan for wooing the Jews.

Least Popular Jewish Vacation Retreats

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Cirque du Oy Vey

An advance preview of Las Vegas’ first Jewish-themed circus show.

The Obama/Netanyahu Transcripts

Private moments of Netanyahu-Obama White House visit caught on tape!

The Jewish Oscars

Sneak Previews of Upcoming Jewish Versions of Oscar-Nominated Films.


Already broken Jewish celebrity New Year’s resolutions.

The 2011 Do Not Buy Guide

This year’s 6 least popular Chanukah gifts.

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