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Dan Messinger

Dan Messinger has been a comedian since elementary school, though he scorned the title of class clown, preferring "Class Jester." He has performed at numerous comedy clubs and college campuses across the country and his handiwork has been seen on TLC, Spike TV, Style Network, DIY, and a variety of other channels that you surf through on the way to HBO. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 5 1/2 month son. If you’re interested in contacting and or hiring Dan you can do so via his website www.funnymandan.com.

Dan Messinger Live II

Hooray for the Horah!

Dan Messinger Live

Dan Messinger is a full service comedian. He even validates your parking.

Four-Letter Words

My stand up performance at Pepsi headquarters taught me a surprising lesson about corporate morality.

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