About the Author

David Suissa

David Suissa, an advertising executive, is a weekly columnist for the Jewish Journal, founder of OLAM magazine and Meals4Israel.com.

Fear in Jerusalem

Israel’s enemy brilliant strategy: Strike ordinary people, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with ordinary weapons, like a knife or a car.

The Square

The Arabs of Egypt are screaming for the rights that the Arabs in Israel already have.

Jonathan Pollard & America

Pollard should have been released years ago because discrimination and unfairness are anti-American ideas.

Let’s Make a Deal

Monty Hall’s best deal changed his life.

Israel's Never Looked So Good

Israel bashers could have taken Israel's democratic experiment to the Arab world.

The Gaza Riviera

Instead of building for the future, the Palestinians chose the option of killing and dying for the past.

The Freedom to Shut Up

Not all criticism is created equal.

Where's the Outrage?

Jew-haters of the world need to know that we have as much passion to defend Jewish lives as they have passion to destroy us.

Beyond Holocaust Museums

The best way to honor Holocaust victims is to celebrate the Judaism they wish they could have celebrated.

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