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Andy Cowan

Andy Cowan is an award-winning writer, producer and performer, whose credits include Cheers, Seinfeld and 3rd Rock from the Sun. Visit Andy at www.AndyCowan.net.

Climbing the Walls

Comedian Andy Cowan who wrote for Cheers and Seinfeld talks about how he got started.

Passed Over

My struggles in Hollywood feel like my own personal wandering through the desert.

A Sterling Send-off

I’m on a mission to convince the world that Donald Sterling is not one of us.


Catholics are Catholics, never Catholic-ish, and Protestants are Protestants, never Protestant-ish. So why are we hedging our bets?

The Jewish Mantra

“Oy” is a tiny word that goes a long way.

Passed Over

My wanderings through the Hollywood desert.


It’s not what you think...

Yes, I Wrote for Seinfeld

Writing for the hit television show Seinfeld was in many ways a very Jewish experience.

The Two Me's

How do I reconcile Jewish Andy with latently gentile Andy?

Guilt Trippings

Read this article. You don't want to? Fine, your loss.


Allow me to clarify for you which real (and not so real) characters are Jewish with my highly developed Jewish radar or "Jewdar."

Communication Breakdown

When we focus on the little picture on our cell phones, we're missing the big picture – the person right in front of us.

Decision of the Heart

Use the skills you've learned watching election coverage and apply those lessons to your dating life.

Virtual Women

It's hard for me to tell the real women from the fake ones.

Bit-Playing the Field

Dating in Hollywood is hard, especially when you feel like you're just a "bit player."

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