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Newton Hoffer

Newton Hoffer is a Senior staff writer for the popular comedy website www.funnyandjewish.com.

He currently resides in Thornhill, Canada, as part of a Minyan Protection Program under an assumed name with his unassuming wife Hadassah and 4 children."

The Jewish Brotherhood

Israel’s future political force?

UN on China and Burmese Crises: Israel's Fault

World body passes resolution blaming Israel…again.

Al Jazeera's New Fall TV Lineup

From "Who Wants to Be a Militant" to "Fatah Knows Best," the new shows are sure to be a hit. Or else!

Israel Bids for 6000 Summer Olympic Games

233 years from now on the Gregorian Calendar

Jewlarious Must-See TV

Three new Jewish shows you just can't miss.

Letter from a Terrorist

Call me what I am -- a terrorist. I didn't go through years of terrorist school to be called a "militant."

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