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Rabbi Shlomo Shulman

Rabbi Shlomo Shulman was born in Cleveland, OH and grew up attending public schools and Reform Temple there. As a young Cleveland sports fan, he learned what it means to be part of an oppressed people. Shlomo and his wife, Aviva, run the Maimonides Society at Yale: an educational program dedicated to helping Jewish college students, who don’t think they learned it all in Sunday School, explore their eternal heritage on a deeper level through one on one text study, campus seminars, and amazing trips. Shlomo and Aviva are blessed with eight wonderful, well-behaved-at-heart children. They have also been foster parents to several children and young adults over the years.

An Unusual Journey: Eating Kosher on Russian Airline

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What a long, strange trip it's been.

Salami and Shiites

Firsthand report from the only Jewish chaplain in Iraq

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