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Quirky, no-nonsense, funny, Marnie – writer, editor, author, lecturer, clinician, and administrator – is a straight-shooter, who has a distinctive voice and takes on the world in her columns, features, and books. Marnie, who did her graduate work at Columbia University writes relationship features and advice columns.Her advice column was syndicated through Tribune Media Services, and it currently appears in Singular magazine as Singular Solutions and the San Diego Jewish Journal. Marnie has written over 20 books/calendars, including the series “A Little Joy, A Little Oy." Her books include "Yiddishe Mamas: The Truth About the Jewish Mother" and "A Little Joy, A Little Oy" (winner best calendar content, pub. AndrewsMcMeel). She is also a “calendar queen” having written over 20. She has been nominated for both an Emmy and Writers Guild award. Thefullwiki.org has listed Marnie Macauley on their list of top Jewish_American writers, dead or living. (She’s still deciding which.) She was also chosen as a Distinguished Woman in Nevada in March of 2014.

Marnie invites you to join her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Her website: www.marniemacauley.com and you can reach her at asksadie@aol.com.

Stars of David: Sandy Koufax

During a time when many Jews found it difficult to be different, Sandy Koufax was proud of it.


Outrageous, odd and interesting facts…the Nazis hated the “Jewish” Superman??

I Am Issur

Kirk Douglas stood up for Israel and the Jewish people. That's what makes him a “Star of David.”

We Jews 6

You may know some of the headlines, but now you can get the rest of the story…

We Jews: Part 5

Firsts that never quite made it into Jewish history…until now.

The Jewbees

I’ve been bitten by the award season bug so I’ve decided to give out my own Jewish awards -- the Jewbees.

WouldJew Believe #19

Odd, outrageous and interesting Jewish facts – Marlon Brando at a Passover Seder?

We Jews, Part 4

Tales of Jews who are both fascinating and unsung.

We Jews, Part 3

Unsung, unusual and odd members of the tribe.

WouldJew Believe #18: New Years

Interesting facts about calendars: “Theirs” and “Ours.”

WOULDJEW BELIEVE #16: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is red, white, bluish -- and a little bit Jewish.

The Abbreviated Dictionary of Oy

Only two letters, but countless usages.

We Jews: Part 2

Tales of Jews who are both unsung and fascinating

We Jews: Part 1

A new series that will make you kvell.


Here they’ve come to save the day...Jews in the comic industry.

WouldJew Believe #15 - Holiday Edition

Odd, interesting and outrageous High Holiday facts.

My Son, The Genius

I know what you're thinking, but my son really is a genius.

WouldJew Believe #14

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts such as...Proctor and Gamble testing a new detergent called "Dreck"?!

The Name Game

While some Jews are naming their kids things like “Jazz” and “Thorne,” others are kicking it old school and getting biblical.

The Yiddish Are Coming

Shep some naches and read about America’s Jewish Founding Fathers.

The Politically Correct Yinglish Dictionary

Ever wonder the politically correct way to say “kvetch?” Well it’s “Contentment-Challenged.”

WouldJew Believe #13

Odd, outrageous and interesting facts such as...the "real" Shakespeare was Jewish?


Join me as I take a trip down memory lane…at the buffet.

Really Bad Jewish Ideas

We Jews aren't always that smart.

Junk Cheer

If unwanted mail is "Junk Mail," I've coined a phrase for unwanted holiday cards -- "Junk Cheer."

Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny? Part 2

Where did the American negative Jewish stereotype come from?

WouldJew Believe #12

Odd, outrageous and interesting facts such as...bad breath is grounds for divorce?

Yiddishe Mammas

An excerpt from a book about Jewish mothers, and the jokes we tell about them.

The New Jewish Calendar: Part 2

Five more Jewish "National Holidays" to the secular calendar.

The New Jewish Calendar

It's time we Jews added a few "National Days" of our own to the secular calendar.

WouldJew Believe #11

Odd and interesting facts such as...Abe Lincoln Jewish? No way!

Jewstalgia: Part 3

My final trip down memory lane.

Jewstalgia: Part 2

Join me on another trip down memory lane.

WouldJew Believe #10

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts like...Jews invented bananas??

WouldJew Believe #9: Holiday Edition

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts like… the existence of a special Chanukah Beer: 8 Malts, 8 Hops, and 8% Alcohol. L'Chaim!

Murphosky's Law

Forget Murphy's Law. We Jews have "Murphosky."

Jewfro Diaries

How I learned to love my crazy Jewish hair.

The Ultimate Yiddishe Quiz #2

Think you are a yiddishe "maven?" Well then take the Yiddishe quiz!

Goyish Vs. Jewish, Part 3

The final installment in our survey of the things that just "feel" Jewish, and those that don't.

Election Top Tens

Jewlarious has created a top ten list in honor of this year's election.

WouldJew Believe #8

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts including ... the power of chicken soup -- for pandas.

The Ultimate Yiddishe Quiz #1

Think you are a yiddishe "maven." Take the Ultimate Yiddishe Quiz!

Fall - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer is for kids. Fall is my kind of season.

WouldJew Believe #7

Outrageous, odd and fascinating Jewish facts like...a Yiddish word wins the National Scrabble Championship.

The Ten Commandments of Jewish Worry: Part 2

Part two in our series about the "mitzvah" of worrying.

The Ten Commandments of Jewish Worry: Part 1

We Jews take our worrying so seriously it's as if it were a mitzvah

WouldJew Believe #6

Outrageous, odd and fascinating Jewish facts including… craters on the moon named after rabbis.

Goyish Vs. Jewish, Part 2

Back by popular demand, our list of things that just "feel" Jewish, and some that don't.

The Bubbie Diaries

I've recently gained a new perspective on my lovable yet eccentric grandmother "Fertel."

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