About the Author

Goldy Rosenberg

Goldy Rosenberg has written for several publications and is the author of Clouds of Glory (Mesorah/Artscroll). More importantly, however, she is working on trying to figure out how her life style can become her magnum opus (and that might take a while).

MTV's Skins Controversy

Children today are like leatherback turtles lured away from the life-giving ocean by the glare of artificial lights.

A Woman of Strength

Mrs. Rose Gibber taught me the importance of protecting the dignity of people, even an obnoxious kid like me.

Soul Existence

Attacked by a dog, a young girl starts questioning reality.

Divine Face

Can any woman measure up to the models in Vogue?

The Music of Recession

Sometimes life is so hard, you just have to sing.

In Danger

My plea for you to care about the Jews of Yemen.

The Contortionist

Yogi Laser, the conveyer of light.

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