About the Author

Rabbi Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich

Rabbi Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich received his semicha from Rav Dan Channen, shlita and he is a alumnus of the Darche Noam Yeshiva of Jerusalem. After his house was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, he and his family spent a year living in East Asia. He currently lives with his family in West Lafayette, Indiana where he and his wife Yael work to spread the love of Torah among Purdue University students and the community.

Counting Up

Moving step by step towards Shavuot.

Tragedy in Mumbai

Words may fail us, but actions cannot.

Sukkot: After the Deluge

Everything in life was firmly established: career, family, friends. Then came Katrina.

Seeking God in New Orleans

Rebuilding post-Katrina, amidst water, fire and vandals.

Refugees from the Storm

Picking up the pieces in Katrina's aftermath.

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