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Gitta Bixenspanner

Gitta Bixenspanner is a certified nutritionist who lives in Montreal with her husband. She teaches high school, seminary and give inspiring adult education classes in Jewish topics. As a certified nutritionist she gives cooking seminars, the main purpose being to teach people to adopt healthier lifestyles in keeping with the mitzvah of taking care of our bodies.

Kosher ClassicsGitta Bixenspanner just released her brand new cookbook KOSHER CLASSICS now arriving to your favorite bookstores. This magnificently illustrated book takes you on a tour around the Jewish year with recipes and customs appropriate for every month. A must addition to your cookbook selections as it is a delight to the eyes. https://www.israelbookshoppublications.com/store/pc/Kosher-Classics-Cookbook-6p1036.htm

Lavish Lag B’Omer Buffet

Delightful salads to accompany your favorite BBQ meat, chicken or turkey.

8 Passover Salads

How many eggs and potatoes can we eat in one week? Try these light and healthy salads.

Festive Tu B’Shvat Fruit Menu

Celebrate the bounty of Tu B’Shvat with these delectable, fruity recipes.

Rosh Hashanah Menu

Recipes for a sweet New Year.

Eat Green, Stay Lean

Easy barbequed dishes served over healthy salads.

Savoring Summer Bounty

Enjoy the abundant fruits and vegetables in every taste and color used in these recipes.

A Delicious Shavuot Menu

Healthy and simple to make.

Dinner in 30 Minutes

Delectable meals for today’s fast paced world.

Meatless Monday

Enjoy these meatless yet flavorful dishes.

Muffins Galore

A great solution for providing nutrition on the run.

A Joyful Sukkot Menu

A complete menu, delicious and simple.

Rosh Hashanah Delights

Delicious recipes that incorporate many of the symbolic foods.

Eggs: Recipes for the Nine Days

Something to please every palate.

Cooking with Tofu

Delicious and simple recipes for everyone.

A Shavuot Menu

Celebrate with these tantalizing dishes.

Traditional and Exceptional Purim Recipes

A menu that’s easy to prepare in advanced to save you time on Purim.

Quick Dinners

Delicious meals prepared in minutes.

Chanukah: A New Spin on Traditional Recipes

Some favorite traditional and dairy recipes your family will love.

Quinoa: Queen of all Grains

A selection of great dishes to help you get acquainted with this healthy, versatile grain.

Favorite Summer Salad Recipes

Tasty, healthy and easy to make.

Sensational Spring Salads

Have you ever eaten a dandelion?

Passover Cooking: Plan Ahead

Enjoy the holiday. Be prepared.

Mediterranean-Style Dishes

A sumptuous buffet spread with the Mediterranean flair.

Easy Crockpot Dinners

Versatile, no fuss dinners that await for you at the end of a long day.

School Lunch Box!

Innovative, healthy lunches your kids will love.

Lots of Latkes and Donuts

And other special Chanukah treats.

Recipes to Welcome Fall

Healthy root vegetables that warm up a brisk day.

Salads for Every Occasion

Delectably light salads to suit every palate.

Perfect Recipes for Sukkot

A simple and easy Sukkot menu.

Round Challah and Divine Desserts

Everything you need to know to bake it right this Rosh Hashana.

Cooking for Two

Gourmet cooking, in small portions.

A Shavuot Feast

A fantastic dairy menu your family and guests will love.

Spring Menu

Light meals to welcome the spring season.

Outstanding Passover Recipes

A healthy and nutritious menu everyone will love.

Winter Soups

Nourishing soups to warm your heart during these cold, wintry days.

More Crockpot Recipes

Marvelous meals that cook while you are away.

Lots of Latkes

Chanukah treats and more.

Crockpot Delights

Marvelous meals that cook while you are away.


What you need to know about the most important meal of the day.

Say Goodbye to Summer

Cool dishes for final hot summer days.

Recipes for the Nine Days

Creative alternatives to meat dishes you and your family will want all year round.

Cooking with the Mediterranean Diet

More great recipes for the Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet

The basics of healthy eating.

Eating According to Seasons

Healthy and happy spring eating!

Internal Spring Cleaning

Cleaning our digestive system after all its hard work during Passover.

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