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Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair

Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair grew up in London. He has a degree in Drama and English from Bristol University. Through his teens and early twenties, he was a keen photographer and was published on the cover of the British Journal of Photography.

In 1972 he opened the first twenty-four track recording studio in Europe – SARM Studios in London’s East End – where Queen mixed the gargantuan “Bohemian Rhapsody.” A year later, he published the music from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and started to work as a record producer, co-producing in 1976 the quadruple-platinum debut album by Foreigner which scored two Billboard top ten hits, “Feels like the First Time” and “Cold as Ice.” In his late thirties, he went to Jerusalem to immerse himself in learning Torah. After 10 years in at Ohr Somayach/Tanenbaum College and the Mir Yeshiva, he was appointed as a lecturer in Talmud and Jewish Philosophy at Ohr Somayach.

He started writing essays on the Jewish calendar for the Ohr Somayach website under the heading Seasons of the Moon, taking up the camera again to illustrate his writing. Eventually some dozen years later and through much iteration, this project became his first book of fine art photographs, the unique and critically acclaimed Seasons of the Moon published in 2010.

Two years later he published a highly original book on the weekly sedra, The Color of Heaven. Nowadays, apart from his teaching duties, he is much in demand as a speaker in Israel, Great Britain, and the USA. Rabbi Sinclair lives with his family in Jerusalem.

The Ugly Duckling

"There is no man who does not have his hour and no thing that does not have its place" (Ethics of the Fathers 4:3) And that's true for even a little-used key on your keyboard. Can you guess what it is?

A Hitchiker's Guide to Eternity

Stress is a killer. How can we deal with it? Rabbi Sinclair offers a solution based on an insight he had while hitchiking

The Greatest Artist That Ever Lived

The world's greatest artist wasn't Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci. So who was the greatest artist ever and why? Rabbi Sinclair gives his vote.

What's the Most Important Thing in the World?

The Sabbath is the Jewish People's greatest gift to the world. Why? Rabbi Sinclair gives one answer in this three minute video.

Simcha of the Hidden Torah

A wonderful True Story for Simchat Torah

Original Paintwork

What's the connection between Yom Kippur and a car wash?

The Jew And The King of Morocco

A touching tale for Rosh Hashana about a Jewish businessman's meeting with the King of Morocco.

Sign of the Times

In a world of uncertainty and confusion, the Jewish People have the only reliable guide.

How to Choose the Ideal Life Partner

How do you choose the right marriage partner? Rabbi Sinclair brings a sound piece of advice from this week's Torah Portion.

Seeing and Seeming

Things aren't always the way they seem. The Torah's spiritual eyes reveal to us truths invisible to the human eye

How you can give to God

If God is perfect in every way, how can we give Him anything? He already has everything. And yet the Torah in many places speaks of 'giving' to God. Rabbi Sinclair offers a solution to this conundrum.

Facebook Confession

In this short video based on the weekly Torah portion Eikev, Rabbi Sinclair explores the effects of the iPhone and other WMD (Weapons of Mass Distraction) on our relationship with God and our fellow human beings.

Where was God in the Holocaust?

Where was God in the Holocaust? The priest of Auschwitz gives his answer.

The Song Remains The Same

Why have the Jews been wandering for the last 2000 years?

Bentley For A Day

Why don't physical things make us that happy?

Only One Job

A Jew has only one job in this world - though sometimes it may not seem like that... Rabbi Sinclair explains what that one job is.

The Arabs' Secret Weapon

Rabbi Sinclair exposes a secret weapon of the Arabs

Hocus Pocus

Why do Jews strap black boxes on their arms and on their heads? Isn't that kinda weird?

Engulf and Devour

How much does Stevie Wonder get for a 40 minute gig for 6 people?

The Eye of the Beholder

Why is it some people fall in love with the Land of Israel - and others leave baffled by it?

A Small Light

Why does God want me to do things for him? Doesn't His radiance already fill the whole world?

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