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Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair

In 1972, Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair opened SARM Studios the first 24-track recording studio in Europe where Queen mixed “Bohemian Rhapsody”. His music publishing company, Druidcrest Music published the music for The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973) and as a record producer, he co-produced the quadruple-platinum debut album by American band “Foreigner” (1976). American Top ten singles from this album included, “Feels Like The First Time”, “Cold as Ice” and “Long, Long Way from Home”. Other production work included “The Enid – In the Region of the Summer Stars”, “The Curves”, and “Nutz” as well as singles based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with Douglas Adams and Richard O’Brien. Other artists who used SARM included: ABC, Alison Moyet, Art of Noise, Brian May, The Buggles, The Clash, Dina Carroll, Dollar, Flintlock, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, It Bites, Malcolm McLaren, Nik Kershaw, Propaganda, Rush, Rik Mayall, Stephen Duffy, and Yes.

In 1987, he settled in Jerusalem to immerse himself in the study of Torah. His two Torah books The Color of Heaven, on the weekly Torah portion, and Seasons of the Moon met with great critical acclaim. Seasons of the Moon, a unique fine-art black-and-white photography book combining poetry and Torah essays, has now sold out and is much sought as a collector’s item fetching up to $250 for a mint copy.

He is much in demand as an inspirational speaker both in Israel, Great Britain and the United States. He was Plenary Keynote Speaker at the Agudas Yisrael Convention, and Keynote Speaker at Project Inspire in 2018. Rabbi Sinclair lectures in Talmud and Jewish Philosophy at Ohr Somayach/Tannenbaum College of Judaic studies in Jerusalem and is a senior staff writer of the Torah internet publications Ohrnet and Torah Weekly. His articles have been published in The Jewish Observer, American Jewish Spirit, AJOP Newsletter, Zurich’s Die Jüdische Zeitung, South African Jewish Report and many others.

Rabbi Sinclair was born in London, and lives with his family in Jerusalem. He was educated at St. Anthony’s Preparatory School in Hampstead, Clifton College, and Bristol University.

Seasons of the Moon: Av– IBM and The Nazis

How were the Nazis able to carry out the Holocaust - something extremely complex - without a computer?

The Self-Made Man

More elusive than the Yetti or the Loch Ness Monster is a species that no one had ever positively identified - The Self-Made Man.

The Dark Side

If Bilam was a prophet like Moshe - why did he use it for evil?

The Liberty Bell's Crack

Why do we "proclaim freedom throughout the land" with a broken, imperfect bell?

Hocus Pocus

Why do Jews strap black boxes on their arms and on their heads? Isn't that kinda weird?

The World's Most Infectious Plague

The most infectious disease in the world isn't Bubonic Plague; it isn't Anthrax; it isn't even Covid 19. The world's most infectious disease in this week's Torah portion, Parshat Chukat.

Racial prejudice - War - Poverty - Violence - Intolerance

The dream of peace seems to be as far away today as it's ever been. Why is that?

Looking For Trouble

You can go through life as a tourist - or as an inspector. A tourist is looking to be impressed. An inspector is looking for trouble. Why did the spies that Moshe sent into the Land of Israel become inspectors instead of tourists?

Being Yourself

Whether we wear the same jeans or the same suit - it's all too easy to just follow the crowd, but to be close to G-d means being yourself.

With the Beatles

Rabbi Sinclair reveals the secret of the Beatles' phenomenal success.

Music, Maestro, Please!

Order is one of the keys to success in life. In this video Rabbi Sinclair describes his early attempts at piano lessons - and the life lesson that they taught him.

The Mouse and the Suit

A for effort" usually you means "you didn't do very well". In Torah learning, that's the best accolade you can get.

Holy Crop Rotation!

Is the Sabbatical year when the fields are left to lie fallow in the Land of Israel some kind of Holy Crop Rotation? Find out the hidden meaning of this commandment.

Hidden Holiness

What does being holy really mean? The Torah portion of Kedoshim tells us that true holiness can only be experienced through our interaction with our fellow man and not though retreat and monasticism.

The Power of Words

Positive Speech can save a life, and negative speech can ruin one. The Torah prohibits gossip - even if it's true.

The Code is Shabbat

The Haggada speaks of four sons. Those four sons symbolize four generations in the chain of Jewish tradition.

The Maker's Handbook

Would you decide that your car uses diesel instead of regular gas based on your instincts or your feelings? Why then do we often make vital life decisions without consulting The Maker's Manual?

Wedding In A Pandemic

For centuries, 'Leprosy' has been the translation of 'Tzara'at' – a skin disease mentioned in this week's Parsha. If Tzar'at really was leprosy, then how could people rub shoulders at a wedding if the groom had leprosy?

Soul Food

Kosher food is soul food. Food for the soul. Food that let's the holiness into your body.

Against The Flow

Apart from the fact that a kosher fish has to have fins and scales, if you see a fish swimming upstream - it's a sign that it's kosher. What can this teach us?

Lions of the Soul

Were The Six Million "Lambs to the Slaughter?" Maybe they were "Lions of the Soul?" A different way of seeing this brief walk between to darknesses.

Hearing the Still Small Voice

God communicates with us through our emotions as well our minds.

The Importance of Shoelaces

Some things in Judaism look really weird- but if you look a little deeper you'll find amazing concepts and revelations.

The Tiny "I"

Humility - the essential character trait. Two minutes on the Parshat Vayikra.

CoronaVirus - A Last Holiday

What would you if you knew you only had six weeks to live?

An Audience With The Queen

How do you feel when your audience with Her Majesty goes on for half an hour longer than scheduled?

A World of Blessing

How to make your world full of blessing based on the weekly Torah portion of Pekudei.

Forgiveness is Forever

However far we feel from God, He is always waiting for us at the dead-ends of our life.

Throw Away Your Props!

Sometimes in life we can mistake the nonsense for the essence. The tallit reminds us to keep our eye on what is really important.

The Body is a Spacesuit

Why do religious people cover their bodies so much?

Purim: The Last Laugh

The deeper connection between laughter and the Jewish holiday of Purim.

The Jewish People is One

An interesting experience I had as a student in Teheran in 1969.

Jewish Continuity

The Jewish People are in the midst of an indentity crisis. Who are we?

Excape the Task Master!

Sometimes life just seems to be one obligation after another. Here's a way to turn your tasks into life-enhancing positive experiences.

Where is God in the World?

Sometimes it's difficult see that there is Someone running this world. If you've ever felt that way, you're in good company because even Moses felt that way. What changed his mind?

Throw Away Your Ritalin?

Maybe there's another reason for ADD/ADHD that we don't want to admit?

Fame - I'm Gonna Live Forever!

What's the connection between Pharaoh and a 1980's pop song?

How I Became an Ambassador for Israel

In Egypt the Jewish People didn't change their names, their dress, or their language. They were a very conspicuous minority. As we began - so we continue...

The Difference between Fun and Happiness

Rabbi Sinclair gives a guaranteed way to build self-esteem.

"What does 'Jew' mean?" - Parshat Vayigash

Dictionary.com says the verb 'to jew" means 'to bargain sharply with; beat down in price (often followed by down)." But what is the real meaning of this name?

The Secret of the Dreidel: A Snapshot of Jewish History

More than a children's game, the little dreidel contains the story of the Jewish people and the history of the whole world.

How to Beat Depression - Parshat Miketz

How do you take the wisdom of happiness into the despair of depression? Happiness and depression are like two worlds that have absolutely no point of communication. Based on Parshat Miketz, Rabbi Sinclair suggests a way on lightening the days when everything seems black.

Tis the Season of....Unboxing Videos

Over the next few days billions of presents will be un-boxed. What is the fascination of watching people doing this?

What is Life?

Can philosophy answer the question "What is life all about? Rabbi Sinclair suggests there is a way to self-knowledge and God-knowledge which goes beyond philosophy and yet is within the reach of each one of us.

The Quinona Miracle

Quinona is well-known as a 'miracle' food. However, recent evidence shows that it may have spiritual benefits as well...

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