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Origins of the Word Palestine

We often hear claims that Palestinians are "native" or indigenous to the land of Israel, but does history back this up? It's worth taking a look.

The Truth about the Palestinians

Does history back up the claim that Palestinians are indigenous to the land of Israel? Promote peace for both peoples; not lies that drive them apart.

Temple Mount Denial

Archeologists recently confirmed that over 100 marble fragments came from elaborate decorations that King Herod used to redecorate the Temple in 20CE.

Jerusalem: 10 Essential Facts

A quick primer about Israel’s capital and largest city.

Who is Responsible for the Suffering in Gaza?

A short video that puts the conflict in proper context.

Know Hamas

A glimpse behind the rhetoric.

10 Facts about Hamas

So you think you know alot about Hamas?

Apartheid in the Middle East

Apartheid against the Palestinians is alive and well.

9 Flotilla Facts

The upcoming flotilla violates international law and intends to provoke violent confrontation.

Evolution of the Region

Modern Israel's story in maps.

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