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Biases, Biases Everywhere: No News is Fair News

Like Alexei Navalny, most of us are subjected to a daily barrage of propaganda. The key difference is that ours is self-imposed.

One of Nature's Great Mysteries

Every 17 years trillions of cicadas emerge from the ground as a unified mass. They're on their way.

Monstrous Mercy

A nurse in England was charged with murdering 8 babies in the neonatal unit. The charges are shocking, but not surprising.

The Real Story Behind the Covid-19 Vaccine Story

Appreciating the awesomeness of our immune system.

Stoking Hatred between Black and Jewish Communities

Using fake accounts on social media, white supremacists are fanning flames of hatred. They must not be allowed to succeed.

The Nazis Knew

“They don’t hate us as a people. They hate us because of our holy books."

Faith Amid the Flames

Rabbi Yosef Friedenson served as a human bridge between the Jewish world that the Germans destroyed and the new one that came into being after the Holocaust.

Love, Hate and the Holocaust

An acclaimed exhibit about Auschwitz is stirring debate about essential lessons of the Holocaust.

Suicide: A Society in Conflict

Recent events highlight America’s inconsistent views on suicide.

Jews, Genetics and the New World

Recent studies indicate that a significant segment of the immigrants who settled the New World were descended from Jews.

Hatred Everywhere

Evil harbors no static political allegiances.

Hanukkah and the Soul

Indispensable to the Jewish worldview is the idea that humans are unique, that we possess a spiritual component and that our actions are freely chosen.

Alex Jones and the Info Wars

Free speech is a formidable responsibility to communicate the truth.

A Rabbi’s Rumination on Racism

Rather than trying to disabuse people of the biases they may coddle, we must charge them to focus on individuals.

The Sanctity of Life: A Jewish Perspective

The Californian judge was right to overturn the law legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

Mosque Vandalism: The Jewish Connection

There are hateful people, but also simple-minded misguided ones. And they can change.

It's Time for Jews and Blacks to Overcome Bigotry and Come Together

The targeting of our two peoples should impel us to understand just how connected we are.

Was the Holocaust a Uniquely Jewish Tragedy?

The extermination of the Jews was not a means to any end; it was an end in itself.

Wealth Addiction

When a $3.6 million bonus isn’t enough.

Bubba, the Anti-Semite

He’s right about one thing: there is a Jewish plot.

A Prayer of the Jewish People

An ancient prayer for contemporary times.

Is Anybody There?

New studies demonstrate how people thought to be in an irreversible “vegetative” state showed signs of full consciousness.

Cremation: A Burning Issue

Even after death, the body is a holy vessel that deserves respect.

Blowing Up Synagogues

The recent arrest of two NY terrorists reminds us to give thanks to the Guardian of the Jewish People.

Moses and the Pope

The recent beatification of Pope John Paul II highlights Judaism's unique basis of belief.

The Jewish Mission

Theodore Sorensen and the Jewish drive to change the world.


Meaning or randomness: confronting mutually exclusive worldviews on Yom Kippur.

Great Expectations

During the first days of the Jewish year everything matters.

Emmanuel: Ethnic Prejudice?

It is neither ethnic nor prejudice. Here are the facts.

Someone's There

Patients thought to be in a vegetative state were demonstrated to be hearing and thinking.

The Allure of Kol Nidrei

Getting to the essence of who we really are.

Embarrassing Actions

Whatever a Jew does reflects the entire Jewish people.

The Nature of Nature

What's the difference between nature and the miraculous?

Terrorized Times

The New York Times refusal to use the word 'terrorist.'

Deconstructing Dayeinu

Would it really have been enough?

Brazen New World

Ending a human life is not a medical decision, it's a moral one.


Holocaust memorials usually fail to convey something vital: Europe's Jews didn't just die; they lived, too.

The Sukkah Still Stands

No matter how vulnerable our physical fortresses may be, we give harbor to neither despair nor insecurity.


The Greeks thought that physicality was a primary goal of man.

Partial - Birth "Abortion"

Do you know what act the law is addressing?

Killing Me Softly

Has the sanctity of human life become passe?

The Anger of the Atheists

If morality and ethics are rendered meaningless, how's a principled atheist supposed to respond to injustice?

The Indignity of Atheism

One who sees only random forces behind why we humans find ourselves here is ultimately bound only by his wants.

Misleading Times

No one should be permitted to deny what is perhaps the most ancient and legitimate claim of any people on any piece of land. Not even The New York Times.

Random Suffering?

Not a chance. Adversity -- wherever it strikes, whomever it takes and whomever its spares -- always has a reason, even when it cannot be discerned.

Burning Issue

Israel's first crematorium opens for business. What would Moses say?

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