About the Author

Nikki Friedman

Nikki Friedman, along with her husband “Rabbi Mike,” co-founded Nafshi, a non-profit organization that offers inspiring programing that integrates Jewish and holistic principles to enhance emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. Nikki provides life coaching, and is the spiritual facilitator of WOMBS (Women of Mind, Body, and Spirit), an infertility support group seen from a Jewish lens with Torah texts. She teaches high school mathematics at Yavneh Academy of Dallas, founded her own business, Niknaks, where she crafts beautiful beaded serving utensils, and is an avid oil painter. Nikki lives in Dallas with her family. For more information on Nafshi, please visit www.nafshiwellness.org.

And Sarah Laughed: Facing Infertility on Rosh Hashanah

With the new year come new opportunities for change and growth, and new opportunities for our prayers to be answered.

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