About the Author

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons

Geoffrey Simmons is a medical doctor and author of ten books, including What Darwin Didn’t Know, Billions of Missing Links, and Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves? He has a BS in biology from the University of Illinois and received an M.D. from the University of Illinois Medical School. He was a doctor of internal medicine for the PeaceHealth Medical Group in Eugene, boarded in internal medicine and disaster medicine. He has lectured across the US, in Spain and in Israel.

The Doctor’s Diary: The Ultimate Engineer

Several incredibly complex internal mechanisms silently watch over our bodies every second of our lives.

A Doctor’s Diary: A Peek behind Aging and Death

A look at the body's amazing biological clockwork.

A Doctor’s Diary: Witnessing God's Handiwork

Like a well-written, trillion-page novel, every step, twist and turn of a fetus's development seems to follow an all-encompassing plan.

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