About the Author

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons

Geoffrey Simmons is a medical doctor and author of ten books, including What Darwin Didn’t Know, Billions of Missing Links, and Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves? He has a BS in biology from the University of Illinois and received an M.D. from the University of Illinois Medical School. He was a doctor of internal medicine for the PeaceHealth Medical Group in Eugene, boarded in internal medicine and disaster medicine. He has lectured across the US, in Spain and in Israel.

A Doctor’s Diary: Genetic Instructions

Welcome to the incredible, uniquely Human Library that simply boggles the mind.

The Doctor’s Diary: The Ultimate Engineer

Several incredibly complex internal mechanisms silently watch over our bodies every second of our lives.

A Doctor’s Diary: A Peek behind Aging and Death

A look at the body's amazing biological clockwork.

A Doctor’s Diary: Witnessing God's Handiwork

Like a well-written, trillion-page novel, every step, twist and turn of a fetus's development seems to follow an all-encompassing plan.

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