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Rabbi Mordechai Rhine

Rabbi Mordechai Rhine is the Rav of Southeast Hebrew Congregation- Knesset Yehoshua in White Oak, MD. He also is the Director of TEACH613, an organization which promotes Torah and mitzvah education through classes and virtual media.

Rabbi Rhine's "Take Ten for Talmud" ten minute audio program based on Daf Hayomi is available at http://www.teach613.org/take-ten-for-talmud/. His book, "The Magic of Shabbos," and the Perek Shirah Collection CD Series are available in Judaica stores, and through www.teach613.org. He can be contacted at rmrhine@teach613.org

Daf Yomi and Hanukkah: Becoming Engaged Jews

Enemies of the Jewish people try to get us to forget the Torah. Engaging in Torah learning ensures we remember it.

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