About the Author

Faygie Holt

Faygie Holt is an award-winning journalist whose work appears in Jewish newspapers and websites worldwide. She is also the author of seven books for Jewish girls in grades 2-4, including “Layla’s Sugarland Winter” and “Achdus Club #5, On the Move.”

How a Jewish Mother Smashed the Glass Ceiling at a Prestigious Wall Street Law Firm

Lydia Kess helped pave the way for working mothers, Shabbat-observant Jews and others in corporate America.

Military Vets Find Solace and Faith in Israel

Through Heroes to Heroes soldiers open up about their experience and move onto a path of spiritual healing.

Jews of Monsey Will Not Be Cowed

Less than 24 hours after the attack, Jews sang and danced, celebrating the dedication of a new Torah scroll.

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