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Rabbi YY Jacobson

One of America’s premier Jewish scholars in Torah and Jewish philosophy, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak (YY) Jacobson is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world today. Rabbi Jacobson founded and serves as Dean of TheYeshiva.net, where he teaches, via the web, some of the most popular Torah classes in the world. He serves as a Maggid Shiur at Beth Medrash Ohr Chaim, in Monsey, NY. To watch or listen to his daily live classes, or to find all of the source sheets, archived classes, and class comments, please visit www.theyeshiva.net.

Feel-Good Judaism

Receiving the Torah requires the courage to bid farewell to our pre-conceived notions and to subjugate our ego to radical transcendence.

Life as a Wedding: The Meaning of Lag B'Omer

The finite as a portal to the Infinite.

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