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Dr. Alan Singer

Dr. Alan Singer has been a marriage therapist in New Jersey and New York since 1980. He has an eighty-percent success rate in saving marriages of couples on the brink of divorce. He counsels via Zoom and Skype, blogs at FamilyThinking.com, and authored the book, Creating Your Perfect Family Size (Wiley). His mantra: I’ll be the last person in the room to give up on your marriage. Married for forty-two years, he and his wife are the parents of four grown children. He was a presenter at the first NARME conference and the NEFESH International Conferences of 2018 & 2019. He serves on the National Registry of Marriage-Friendly Therapists and is a recovery specialist for the Beyond Affairs Network. His essays have been featured in AISH.com, The Jerusalem Post, and the Central New Jersey Home News Tribune. He can be reached at dralansinger@gmail.com or (732) 572-2707.

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Your Fifty-Day Marital Survival Guide

Short and blunt ABC's of sustaining your marriage during the next fifty days of the pandemic.

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