About the Author

Rabbi Binyomin Weisz

Originally from the UK, Binyomin Weisz is an experienced educator, writer and therapist. He now lives in Jerusalem where he has taught within several post high-school yeshivos and post-college programs, introducing students to new depths in Torah and Judaism and giving individualized guidance.

Binyomin's teaching and original writing offer paradigm-shifting perspectives on Jewish topics and explore the integration of emotional experience and well-being in religious practice. His insights have struck a chord and opened new areas of growth for many. Binyomin is also a respected researcher, translator and editor of Torah texts.

As a Narrative Therapist Binyomin counsels religious men and students who are dealing with a wide range of issues, supporting them to develop both their personal strengths and their awareness, choice and meaning in life. He teaches at the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute as well as maintaining a private practice.

You can reach Binyomin on bweiszcounsel@gmail.com

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