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Tod Jacobs and Dr. Peter Lynn

Tod Jacobs, MS, and Dr. Peter Lynn are the co-authors of Not A Partnership: Why We Keep Getting Marriage Wrong & How We Can Get It Right.

Their approach – which combines practical and mystical Jewish wisdom with Positive Psychology – has helped hundreds of couples develop and put into practice an idealistic vision of marriage as the primary vehicle to create wholeness, meaning, purpose and happiness. Often beginning that preparatory process before the wedding, their work continues throughout the married lives of their students. Tod and Peter focus on helping perfect the character issues that lie at the core of a successful spouse – giving, empathy, staying power and commitment to help build the other. Married, single, young or old – their insights can help your relationship flourish. With a background in finance and investigative journalism, Tod was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award. Peter’s background includes Positive and Organizational Psychology, architecture and athletics.

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The Three Fundamental Paradigms of Marriage

Without a clear goal of what a healthy marriage is, we have little chance attaining one.

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