About the Author

Barrie Wilson

An award-winning educator, Barrie Wilson, PhD, is Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto. An investigative historian, he specializes in Early Christianity. Wilson’s new book examines the biblical concept of messiah. Searching for the Messiah (NY: Pegasus/Simon&Schuster) – has been released to rave reviews from scholars in the U.S.A., Canada and Israel. Previous books include How Jesus Became Christian (2008) awarded the Tanenbaum Prize for History at the Canadian Jewish Book Awards (2009) and The Lost Gospel (2014) co-authored with the Emmy-award winning Canadian-Israeli film director and producer Simcha Jacobovici. Wilson is a member of Beth-Tzedec Congregation, Toronto.

Israel and Intersectionality

Defending Israel on a playing field created by its enemies is a foolhardy game.

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