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Rabbi Eric Coopersmith

Rabbi Eric Coopersmith is CEO of Aish International. Originally from Toronto, Eric received rabbinic ordination from Aish HaTorah and the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. From 1996 to 2014 he served as CEO, working closely with Rabbi Noah Weinberg zt"l to develop strategy and manpower for Aish International and the Jerusalem Yeshiva. He was formerly the North American director of the Discovery Seminars, and compiled Aish's kiruv primer, The Eye of a Needle. He currently is a lecturer at Yeshiva Aish HaTorah.

Rabbi Weinberg & Taking Responsibility

Rav Noah zt"l would expect us to use his first yahrtzeit to grow in our commitment to fight for the Jewish people.

The Greatness of Rabbi Weinberg, zt"l

Rav Noah took responsibility for the entire Jewish people.

Did You Hear the Bomb Last Night?

We can still hear the echoes of last night's bomb that killed 20 innocent people.

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