About the Author

David M. Weinberg

The author is vice president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, jiss.org.il. His personal site is davidmweinberg.com.

Cancel Culture: Is Banning the Bible Next?

When they're done with their work then a wasteland you'll see, Not a book will be standing, and not a movie.

A Primer on the Theology of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

A summary of his key concerns, beliefs and recipes for a better future.

On Israel's Military Might and Moral Power

Israel’s national security and its national decency are closely linked.

Five Key Strategies to Defending Israel

Effective hasbara war strategies from the front lines.

A Friend in Need

Ugandan pastor, victim of Islamist attack, treated in Israel.

Zeidy's Prayer

How divine providence connected my great grandfather, father, and daughter across generations and continents.

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