About the Author

Libi Astaire

Libi Astaire is an award-winning author. Her book Day Trips to Jewish History takes a look at lesser known aspects of Jewish history, including the story of the crypto-Jews of Spain and Portugal. She is also the author of The Banished Heart, a novel about Shakespeare’s writing of The Merchant of Venice, and the Ezra Melamed Mystery Series, a Jewish historical mystery series set in Regency England.

Hanukkah In Bergen Belsen

The improbable true story of finding a menorah in a sea of dark despair.

Under the Nose of the Inquisition

In 1603, imprisoned for secretly practicing Judaism, Sebastian Rodriguez built a sukkah.

Chanukah in Bergen Belsen

The rabbi was desperately looking for a small light in the sea of dark despair.

Purim and Spain's Hidden Jews

Why Purim best expressed their loyalty to their Jewish heritage.

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