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Rea Bochner

Rea Bochner is a writer and musician who lives in NJ. She holds a BA in Film at Emerson College and a Master's in Special Education from Montclair State University. Rea has worn many hats in her life, including: a tour guide at the Disney MGM Studios, a story developer at Universal Studios and later, and as a teacher of students with special needs. These days, Rea is wearing her "Mom" hat, happily raising her kids while writing for various publications. She is the founder of the Jewish lifestyle blog, www.reezie.com

The Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Addiction is a dreadful disease. As an addict, I know.

The Knockout Game

A number of Jews have been victims of this frightening new trend.

The $98,000 Rabbi

A Kiddush Hashem in New Haven reveals the power of living Jewishly.

My Modesty Revolution

Dressing modestly states: I am defined by who I am inside, not by what I look like on the outside.

Karyn's Light

A true story about friendship and lost opportunities.

An Unexpected Gift

I was a royal pain to most teachers. But one rabbi actually cared about what I thought.

Encountering Terror

If I turn my back on Israel, I am the one defeated.

Laundry Lament

Lessons from the spin cycle.

No Matter What, I Love You

Parents – and God – love their children unconditionally, no matter what they do.

Justin Bieber’s 100K Car

I also had everything. Why wasn’t it enough?

My Special Education

I was a dedicated special ed teacher, but I was relieved they weren't my children. But God has a good sense of humor…

Encounters with Elijah

Elijah the Prophet showed me what it means to be a Jewish princess.


Like a thief, resentment crept in. I didn’t like sharing my husband, his attention, his time, or his money.

Some Hurts Don't Heal

The greatest blessing comes between two friends.

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