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Rabbi Naftali Schiff

In 2016, Rabbi Naftali Schiff has been the founder and Chief Executive of Jewish Futures, a not-for-profit international organisation, which creates, incubates and scales dynamic educational organisations and initiatives, propelling each forward to ensure vibrant Jewish futures. Raised in London, Naftali studied at Yeshivat HaKotel in Jerusalem's Old City prior to graduating from LSE with a degree in International Relations. He made aliyah and joined the IDF's Givati unit. In Israel, he received rabbinic ordination from the Jerusalem Rabbinate and a Diploma of Education, before assuming the role of Director of the Jerusalem Fellowships. In 1999 he returned to London to head Aish UK. He is also the founder of independent charities GIFT (Gift it Forward Today) and JRoots – an educational organization that facilitates Jewish Journeys Connecting Generations.

Look 4 the Good

The pandemic has shown that we can help each other in a crisis. How can we make our unity last.

The Angel of Death Visited Us this Passover

Facing our mortality can make us serious about what life is about.

Remembering Pearl Benisch

The Jewish world has lost a towering hero.

Jewish Education, 75 Years After WWII

Ensuring the physical and spiritual survival of the Jewish people today.

Bobby’s Story: Living with Faith after the Holocaust

An Auschwitz survivor shares her faith with the Next Generation.

In Every Generation

Young Jews are being lost to apathy and assimilation. Let's leave an empty seat at the Seder.

A Giant of a Man

Rav Noach was the most serious man I have ever met.

The Empty Chair Prayer

The Jewish people have suffered immeasurable tragedy in the last century alone. The crisis of today demands our utmost attention.

Of Movement, Maccabees and Millennia

A millennium countdown clock sits ticking away at my desk.

A Fire that Destroys; a Fire that Builds

An arson attack on Aish UK should spur us to stand up for Jewish education.

The Jerusalem Generation

Internet, 21st century, global economy. It's a new generation of young people. What vision is the Jewish community offering them?

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