About the Author

Rabbi Antony Gordon

Antony Gordon is a Sir Abe Bailey Fellow (1988), Fulbright Scholar (1989) and graduate of the Harvard Law School (1990). Antony has spent most of his career in the high end of the Financial Services Industry at UBS and Morgan Stanley before launching Stealth Capital Management, LLC, and a boutique wealth management firm.

As has been the case with respect to his achievements in the secular world, Antony has achieved comparable accolades in the Jewish world, assuming several positions of national leadership in the Orthodox community (including having been the Co-Chairman of the Agudath Israel Convention as well as the Chairman of the AJOP Convention in 2007), receiving Semicha (Rabbinical Ordination) in Jerusalem and has become a sought after speaker and presenter across the country at numerous seminars, retreats and conventions including the likes of Gateways, Aish Hatorah Partners Conference; Project Inspire, KMR etc.

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