About the Author

Rabbi Yehuda Appel

Born in New York City, Yehuda Appel was director for many years of Aish HaTorah’s Discovery Program in Jerusalem before founding Aish Cleveland in 1990. In addition to his teaching and administrative responsibilities in Cleveland, his recent focus has been establishing Aish programs on college campuses throughout the Midwest. Yehuda is married to noted speaker Hannah Appel and they have eight children.

The Holiness of Hebron

Understanding Hebron's place in Jewish thought.

Actualizing potential through tests

The Russian Czar Nicholas I, in his efforts to destroy Jewish life, demanded that each Jewish...

Abraham reaches out to help

The Talmud describes the afterlife as "a world turned upside down." This means that many of the...

The Malady of Self-Deception

Yiddish humor defines "chutzpa" as the case of a child who murders his parents and then asks for...

Take a Spiritual Accounting

Imagine if a corporation conducted business without keeping track of its accounts and made no...

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