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Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld

Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld was Managing Director of Aish UK until September 2018 before starting Aish New York. Born in New Jersey, he moved to Israel at age 17. Moshe received rabbinic ordination at the young age of 22, as well as a B.A. in Jewish Philosophy. He worked with troubled and at-risk youth, gaining experience in drug and alcohol abuse counselling, and helping teenagers from broken homes. Moshe joined the Aish UK staff as Campus Director, and now lectures across all age ranges.

How to Run Your own Seder: Everything You Need to Know

Whether it's your first Seder or a seasoned pro, here's a detailed how-to guide on how to run a Seder.

We Were All His Favorite

Rav Noach made everyone feel that they had a personal and unique relationship with him.

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