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Rabbi Adam Jacobs

Rabbi Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of the Aish Center in Manhattan. He was born and raised in New York and has lived in Boston and Jerusalem, where he received his rabbinic ordination. He completed his B.A. in music from Brandeis University and has a Masters of Jazz Performance from the New England Conservatory. He is a blogger for the Huffington Post’s religion section and has a penchant for writing and teaching about the uplifting, beautiful and unexpected aspects of the Jewish tradition. He is the founder of a unique character development program called Internal Achievement and has recently published a collection of essays called The Forgotten Light. Rabbi Jacobs now lives in “the burbs” with his wife Penina and their five children.

Music is Not Normal

Why do we love music? Is there something deeper than sound?


The film Noah has been banned by some Islamic authorities for depicting a prophet of God. What is the Jewish view of prophecy?

The Great Ocean of Truth

Despite the staggering discoveries made by science, the universe is still shrouded in awesome mystery.

Small Nation, Big Difference

Israel isn’t perfect, but it’s working hard to implement the Jewish ideal of repairing the world.

Why You Don't Understand the Bible

The Jewish sages of antiquity were in the best position to interpret and comprehend the Torah.

Why We Dance

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." ~Martha Graham

Atheism and Morality

Why do so many atheists make moral proclamations?

Don’t Burn the Day

Dave Matthews, two funerals and one wake up call.

A Taste of Slow

We are losing the ability to savor food and ideas.

Man on a Wire

Can you imagine taking this step?

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