About the Author

Rabbi Yakov Palatnik

Originally from Chicago, Yakov grew up with the classic twice-a-year synagogue experience and, like most Jews of his generation, was part of the 13-and-Out Club at his bar mitzvah. As a young adult he traveled through Europe and then to Israel, where he discovered the vibrancy and relevancy of Judaism. He studied at Aish Jerusalem for 10 years and received rabbinic ordination. For 13 years, he worked with Aish Toronto and became the founding rabbi of The Village Shul. He then worked with Aish Denver, and in 2005 moved to Washington. Together with his wife, Lori, he has started many new classes and programs which have resulted in the growth of a vibrant, Jewishly-committed community in the North Bethesda/Rockville area. Rabbi Palatnik is co-author of Remember My Soul, and the father of five children.

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