Sidney Poitier and the Jewish Waiter who Taught Him How to Read

The famous actor found success after a kindly Jewish waiter taught him to read.

“Covid Rage” and the Breakdown of Civil Behavior

The accumulated tension, stress and fear of Covid has given rise to a seething anger that has gripped a significant part of the population.

Cobra Kai: The Sensei vs the Rabbi

Jewish wisdom goes a few rounds with the Okinawa-inspired karate philosophy.

The Matrix Resurrections: A Philosophical Examination

Though the new film lacks the philosophical insights of its predecessor, there are a couple of ideas that hit home.

January 1: Five Jewish Facts

Five little-known facts about the January 1 “New Year” holiday, and its meaning for Jews.

5 Steps to Making Effective New Year’s Resolutions

A psychologist’s insights on creating a path for real change.

Politics or Spirituality: What Is an Antidote to Youth Suicide?

Jamie Raskin’s son had everything going for him. What was missing?

From Robot to Human Being: Activating Your Free Will

Your life’s starting point doesn’t define you; your choices do.

Wisdom of Spider-Man

Spider-Man may not be a member of the tribe but he does convey a lot of Jewish wisdom.

"Welcome to Holland" and the Cosmic Travel Agent

Having a special needs child has been compared to planning a vacation to Italy and somehow landing in Holland. What happens if you're too distraught to leave the plane?

How a Jewish Mother Smashed the Glass Ceiling at a Prestigious Wall Street Law Firm

Lydia Kess helped pave the way for working mothers, Shabbat-observant Jews and others in corporate America.

The Curse of Social Distancing

We must prevent the spread of sickness, but equally important is the need to find ways to foster friendships.

Marijuana and Judaism: What Does Jewish Law Say about the Subject?

Medical marijuana is permissible, but recreational use prevents us from being our best selves.

The One-Woman Battle Against Pro-Nazi Bias on Wikipedia

For years Ksenia Coffman has been fighting to correct pro-Nazi distortions on Wikipedia.

How Kronk Became a Jewish Icon

A breakout character from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” is Disney’s new Jewish representative.

The Angels in Hell

“On a scale of one to 10, how would you rank your pain?” the nurse asked. “Ten thousand,” I said.

The Beauty Wars

Why the Hanukkah battle isn't over yet.

Returning $1,000 Floating in the Air

Two Chicago teens found $1,000 blowing in the wind outside their Jewish school.

The Kyle Scheele Meale: Changing the World through TikTok, Cardboard and a Dream

The clever viral campaign shows the power of irrepressible creativity, taking initiative, and doing good for others, with a dash of marketing genius.

Probing Conversations between a Rabbi, Physicists, Psychologists, and Other Scientists

Scientific and Jewish beliefs are more compatible than you think. We sat down with leading world scientists and others to discover just how much we have in common

There's a Reason Why It's Called Thanksgiving

The remarkable interplay between giving and receiving.

America's Lost Boys and Me

I suspect I’m the only student at Cambridge University who lived out of garbage bags as a child. Here’s why I didn’t live the life I was meant to.

In Defense of Having Babies

Child-freedom combines the freedom from responsibility of being a child with the independence and means of being an adult. But can you really have your cake and eat it, too?

Katie Couric and The Other Racism

Ageism, the denigration and mistreatment of the elderly, is becoming recognized as a problem as serious as racism.

Did You Know They’re Jewish?

23 Jewish celebrities and historical figures, past and present.

I, Pencil: The Movie

Can a single individual, working independently and from scratch, create an ordinary yellow pencil?

Dune, Judaism and Humanity's Hope

Why does Frank Herbert's esoteric book continue to fascinate, generation after generation?

A Lesson in Compassion from Fauda’s Lior Raz

What could I do for someone who knew he would die soon? I knew Len loved Raz and so I decided to ask the Israeli actor for a favor.

Jews in the World Series

Jewish baseball stars excite fans in Major League World Series.

People Love Dead Jews

Dara Horn's new book offers marvelous daggers of acerbic observations about being Jewish today.

Adele's New Song Gives Us Access to Her Heart

Divorce is akin to death. In this sense, we are all part of Adele’s massive, global shiva.

To All Those Who Doubt You, Including Yourself

You don't have to listen to that voice that weighs you down, holds you back, or causes you to give up on your dreams.

Military Vets Find Solace and Faith in Israel

Through Heroes to Heroes soldiers open up about their experience and move onto a path of spiritual healing.

James Bond: 5 Jewish Facts

Ian Fleming's antisemitism and other ways Jews loomed large in the world of 007.

The Secret Chord: The Complex, Heroic Act of Forgiveness

An exploration of the process of forgiveness, through the prism of music and Jewish wisdom.

What Is Time?

Professor Rovelli and Rabbi Jacobs discuss the meaning of life. Are their positions too far to bridge?

For Those in Recovery, Be a Blessing

Take whatever blessing you have and use it to become a blessing in other people’s lives.

A Physicist and a Rabbi Discuss Reality

Professor Rovelli says that he and the Rabbi are from "different tribes" when it comes to how they understand the meaning of life. Rabbi Jacobs begs to differ and thinks their positions are much closer than the professor thinks. Can these two approaches truly ever be resolved?

Is There Such Thing As "Now?"

We all seem to know what is meant by the term "now." The reality is that pinning down exactly when "now" is is surprisingly difficult. How might it change our thinking if there were no such thing?

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